• Hanaa Fouad

The Real Reason We Wear Halloween Costumes

The Skull I drew on this pottery thingy I own

Yes! There is a very real, very old reason why we actually wear -preferably scary- costumes on Halloween.

Initially, I thought people just wanted to scary each other with their scary costumes...it turns out that we actually wear these costumes for our own safety!!

First, to understand why we need to wear scary costumes, I need to explain to you what Halloween actually means.


held on the 31st of October signified the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter ( November 1st.) People would usually hold a festival called the festival of Samhain where they'd light bonfires and wear costumes and dance in celebration that Winter has come (I think they never saw the kind of Winter that Game of Thrones got though..anyhoo)


Because during that time, it was believed that on October 31st, something happened to the veil or barrier between our world and the ones we can't see. They had different names for what lied on the other side of that barrier. It was called the Spirit World, the World of the gods, whatever they use to call it, it just meant the world where the beings living there were not HUMAN!

No matter what they called it, they believed that barrier would disappear on Halloween or become so thin that whatever existed there could cross over to our world.


So....people were afraid of whatever was living there, whether it was ghosts, ghouls, demons, evil spirits, whatever it was, they wanted to hide from them. That's because those spirits or evil beings always wanted to hurt humans for some reason.

But how can you hide from something that can go through walls?!

You trick it. You wear something just as scary as it is! That way it thinks you're a spirit or a scary ghoul like it and therefore leaves you alone.


I'll give you a minute....

I know I felt the same when I found this out a few years ago! And I love seeing people's faces when I tell them why next year they should probably ditch the sexy Khaleesi costume and go for a scary Khal Drogo instead hehe...

Honestly, I believe in Halloween and I do believe that during that day, stranger things happen than normal and I love every damn second of it.

Do you believe in Halloween, ghosts, spirits or anything of that sort?

Whether you do or not, I'd suggest sending this to your friends to see if they can guess the real reason we wear costumes on Halloween!

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