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Start With Why: Book Review (The Best -Worst Written- Book You'll Ever Read)

Okay, so before you read on, you need to know that I need to feel and see the author represented in the book so I can actually start liking the book or connecting to it.

That being said!

I thought that was the reason why I absolutely hated the way the book was written, and that my opinion was an unpopular one. Turns out it wasn't!

Why is This Book Written Badly?

While, 'Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action' was utterly - and I truly mean this- life changing for me it was one of the most boring books I've had to read, ever! And that's coming from a girl who enjoyed reading school compositions for fun!!

The problem was that it wasn't to the point. There was so -oh so- much repetition to the point that you start questioning if he had enough information to fill an entire book in the first place.

How to Read This Specific Book?

Yet, I would still recommend people to read it but only to - I can't believe I'm saying this about a book but- read the important chapters.

It's divided into 6 parts, the first two are quite interesting and incredibly important and will challenge your current beliefs of how to conduct business. You'll learn things like "The Golden Circle" concept which will change your outlook on everything you do in life, not just work.

Then you can skim through the rest (you have no idea how much I say this with a heavy heart, I would never skim through any book). I say this because of the rest is just repeating what was said in the first two parts. I kept telling myself he did that to ingrain the knowledge into my brain. Almost as a way of reprograming me maybe.

It did have some interesting facts about the most and least successful companies in the US and does provide context as to how some of them succeeded (spoiler alert, they followed their WHY.) But it was eye opening at times. I just wish it wasn't so repetitive and didn't go into details that really added nothing to the 'plot' if you will.

Out of the middle part, you need to make sure you read the bits about:

  • The Split

  • The Law of Diffusion

  • The Celery Test

Then go to parts 5 and 6.

To me that last chapter in particular was the best one out of the entire book. Because that was the one where Simon Sinek actually talked about himself personally. He sort of showed us who he was and I could find myself relating to his failures and how he turned his life around.

That last chapter also answered the questioned I kept asking myself the entire book, "so, HOW do I actually find my WHY?"

And it did a great job of simplifying it in a way that I feel will stick with me for a long time.

Where to Buy "Start With Why"?

I got it from Diwan Book Stores, and you can find it on their online website as well.

You can also find it on The Book Spot online website. I don't know if Shorouk carries it or not as their online store is a nightmare to navigate and the search bar isn't working as of when I wrote this blog post!

Who Should Read The Book?

So, the bottom line, I believe the book is necessary for everyone to read! Just read it like I mentioned above and you'll be fine!

I will continue on recommending it to everyone I know cause what he discusses in it doesn't just apply to those who are in business or work in general. It really does apply to everything we do.

And I think we'd all live much more fulfilling and authentic lives if we all started with our WHY!!

Overall: 3/5

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