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How to Save Water,

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

It was almost 10 years ago when my Dad noticed how I close the running water mid- Wudu when I wasn't directly using the water. I never noticed back then that I subconsciously hate the thought of wasting water.

And that was before I got scared for Egypt's water when I saw a video about South Africa's CapeTown water crisis. I can't find the original video I saw 3 years ago but it scared the living shit out of me.

If you look up "Cape Town: Day Zero" you'll find countless videos showing you how it's the first major city in the world to be officially running out of water. Something they apocaliptically call "Day Zero".

The first thing I did after watching it was look up if Egypt was in any danger of that happening. It honestly seemed laughable at the time, I mean we have "The Nile" after all.

It turns out I was devastatingly wrong.

According to the UN, Egypt is expected to reach Day Zero by 2025! Yes, just 6 years from now.

The sad part is a lot of people might think " Well, that's 6 years from now, a lot can happen in 6 years"

Yeah, well, if every single person thought like you might be thinking now then NO, nothing will happen in those 6 years to change that statistic.

Because each one thinks that the responsibility will fall to someone else. Like someone else will save Egypt and not you!! WHY? Why couldn't it be you?! Especially that you could be saving Egypt's water so easily it'll blow your mind!

This is how I've been doing it for years now and how you can start too,

Close the Tap When You're Not Using it

That means,

  1. When I'm washing the dishes, I don't keep it running while I'm soaping them.

  2. When I'm showering I close the tap while I'm rubbing the shampoo in my hair or using the loofa.

  3. When I'm brushing my teeth, you guessed it, I close the running water when I'm not rinsing the toothpaste out.

Do Laundry Only When You Have a Full Load

This means I wait to do my laundry so I can fill my washing machine and not waste water just to wash an item or two. Your washing machine can't tell half the time that it doesn't need all that water to wash your clothes. It's up to you to fill it up so you're not wasting any.

Fill Your Flower Vases with Only the Water They Need

You don't need to constantly fill the flower vases till the rim, your flowers don't need all that water to stay alive! They actually need a bit of honey or sugar in the water with them and for them to be cut a certain way to stay alive but that's a whole other blog post ;)

So, just fill it up quarter of the way and make sure to add more when the water gets low. That way you're not wasting water you'll be sorry about come 2025.

Soak Your Fruit and Veggies Instead of Washing Them Under Running Water

This one might be a no-brainer but it's actually a lot better for your fruit washing to soak them in water and a bit of vinegar than keep them under running water that's wasteful and hardly efficient.

If you want to know how to properly clean your fruit and veggies by category here's an article I wrote about the subject on The Daily Crisp.

Spread the word

Every time I see someone keeping the water tap open I kindly close it telling them nicely that they shouldn't do that because Egypt is running out of water. When they ask how, I guide them to the most informative and one of the only pages in Egypt that is actively trying to effect change Save Egypt's Water on Instagram.

Most people will gladly do something about this problem if they only knew about it and the best way to start I believe is following this page, as it does the research for you and gives you the jest of what you need to know.

Never go about telling someone off because you're mad they're wasting water. It might make them defensive and you might have caused the problem to get worse. Just make sure you're smiling and sending out the right vibes when you're explaining to someone how they're contributing to Egypt's possible "Day Zero" ^_^

Our planet's resources are dying, we're failing our planet and we need to take things a bit more seriously! I mean, if it wasn't in danger we wouldn't have a "World Water Day" and it's theme for 2019 wouldn't be "Leaving no one behind." Let that sink in for a moment there, and grasp the severity of the problem.

Please, if this is the first time you're knowing about any of this, you can help become a #GuardianOfOurPlanet by just telling people you know about it or sending this blog post to them.

Let's spread the word and show people how to save water!

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