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This Planner Was Exactly What My Self Care Journey Needed

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Credit: Hanaa Fouad


First of all, let me just say that this is not sponsored. Even if it were, I'd be telling you point blank, and it wouldn't change my opinion one bit. Although I have yet to work with companies on this blog (as of the time I'm writing this), I intend to only do so with ones that allow me full freedom to express my honest blunt opinion about what I like and don't like about their products/service. That being said, Se7etty would have been one of those companies, because they actually offer you a discount for honestly reviewing their products.

The planner called Se7etty, which literally translates to "my health", was something I stumbled on one day on Instagram. The whole concept was that you can customise your own. I asked for a customised one and I was met with an email of questions to help them figure out what I need from my planner exactly.

I was so happy to answer each one in as much detail as possible. I thought they'll probably bail on me because I knew what I wanted from this planner was going to be way more than anything they'd expect, (I'm high maintenance like that).

To my absolute shock, they fulfilled every single item I asked for and went above and beyond! I couldn't believe that this was Egyptian made honestly. The amount of hard work and effort, plus attention to detail made me feel so special that I'm pretty sure Unicorns would have been jealous!!

That being said, nothing is perfect. So here's what I absolutely loved and what I want to change in my next month's Se7etty planner.


  1. They designed the cover with the perfect shade of Lavender that I asked for and they added a woman in Cobra pose as well without me asking!

  2. They wrote the sweetest most personal motivating message in the beginning of the planner that legit made my heart glow. (any Jane the virgin fans overhear?)

  3. Because I wanted to keep track of so much inside it, they actually dedicated two pages for each day while originally it should've been one page per day! Talk about quality work!

  4. The paper it's made of is super high quality, sturdy and handles the Staedtler pens I use perfectly!

  5. Inside the planner itself, I love how they added a "Yoga and Setting Intentions" for my day section.

  6. I wanted to track my bowel movements (its healthy to know if you're pooping regularly) and the Poop emojis they created for me are nothing short of a masterpiece.

  7. I love that they included a sleep tracker for the whole month at the end of the planner so you can gauge how well you've been sleeping all month (additional to the daily one you have).

  8. I love the "Wish List" they included at the end of the month for 2019. Along side a space for me to evaluate how I did this month.

What I asked them to change for my next months planner, aka, Cons

  1. I wanted the planner to be spiral bound or have some way to keep it shut. It had too many pages to be just stapled together at the spine.

  2. I asked them to change the "Energy" tracker they had because it was just binary (+/-). I felt that my energy was fluctuating along the day. I asked for a bar tracking thingy like the one they had for "Sleep". They loved the idea so much that they decided to include it in their standard design as well!! Can you imagine how fan- freakin-tastic these people are?!

  3. I wanted to change the title of the "Hanaa's To-do List" to "Hanaa's Self Love To-do List"

  4. I asked them to leave the "Tip/Quote of the day" space empty for me to fill up with daily gratitude or motivational quotes that resonate with how I'm vibing that day.

Although I had no expectations going into this I felt that it was the best money I spent all year! Now, I can keep track of my journaling, positive thoughts, reading, morning/night yoga and all I'm eating and water intake, and let's not forget the pooping. All, thanks to one smaller planner.

I can't wait to see what they have in store for me in next months' planner, and that one I'll photograph for you guys page by page because I think it will be the final design I'll stick with for the rest of the year. At least the next 6 months!

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