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How I Started My Zero Waste Journey + Plastic-Free Plans For 2019

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

My Zero Waste Kit

I wish I was doing something more glorious than taking a pee when I had this grand realization but I'd be lying if I said so. I'm not sure why my mind decides epiphanies are best had while in the shower, on the toilet, or brushing my teeth, but I digress.

I realized beginning of last year that I cared so much about the planet and yet I was doing shit to help save it. That was the start of my "Zero Waste journey" in all of it's bathroom glory.

The Beginning

I've always been a person that knew that there was something wrong with our planet. That the way we're handling shit now is slowly killing it. I remember vividly that I went on Instagram - post realization- and decided to look for a glass water bottle online. I figured the first thing I should eliminate was plastic bottles.

I also started following all the accounts I could find that helped me learn how to live plastic free and lessen my waste. It's funny how when you let the Universe know your intentions, it starts sending you all you need to make those intentions come to life.

All of a sudden, while randomly scrolling through Instagram I found this account "ZeroWaste Egypt" and I was like..what? this is in Egypt? That was where I found my aluminum water bottle, and learned about so many ways of how I could live with less waste. I always thought going zero waste was the extreme. That it would be something I would do when I'm living abroad, not here. But this account really did change the way I see things now.

If you want to know the first steps I took to becoming more zero waste, I wrote an article about it on The Daily Crisp. It'll really help anyone starting out their plastic free journey.

But right now, I'll tell you where I'm at incase you need some inspiration or living proof that it's doable hehe (I know that I needed one starting out)...

But right now, I'll tell you where I'm at incase you need some inspiration or living proof that it's doable hehe ( I know that I needed one starting out)...

  1. I drink in aluminum water bottles that I refill along the day

  2. I have several canvas bags that I carry with me whenever I'm out incase I buy something.

  3. I carry my groceries in recycled reusable bags that I got from Carrefour.

  4. I have a towel at work that I use to dry my hands so I don't use paper towels.

  5. I carry a metal straw to drink with in cafes and ask waiters to skip the plastic straw.

  6. I bring my own lunch to work 94% of the time.

  7. I have a glass mug that I ask baristas to fill up with my go-to drink in the summer.

  8. I'm in the process of buying a nice travel mug for the winter, but for now I enjoy my drinks at the cafe itself in a real ceramic mug.

  9. I buy my seeds (Chia, Flax and everything I can) from a local عطار in old jars and cans that I'm reusing, instead of buying plastic wrapped ones.

  10. I stopped buying plastic knitting and crochet needles and tools.

  11. I wrap my sandwiches to work in aluminum foil instead of cellophane. It's still wasteful but It's not plastic at least.

  12. I use an Organicup (menstrual cup) instead of using tampons or sanitary pads.

  13. I time my showers, and never leave the water running.

  14. I turn the tap off while washing the dishes if I'm not directly using the water.

  15. I limit my baths to once a month (although in reality I actually have time for barely 3 baths a year).

  16. I stopped eating cow meat (although it was for reasons regarding the animals themselves, it's still a big zero waste contribution). I still eat chicken and fish and try to stick to vegetarian diet 3- 4 days a week.

  17. I take my own food on the beach, and help clean it its shore a bit while I'm there.

  18. I reuse my hubbies coffee grounds to make scrubs.

  19. I use a metal razor that I bought from "ZeroWaste Egypt"

While all of this is well and good, I'm still consuming a lot of plastic in my veggies for instance so I have plans for this journey of mine come 2019.

  1. Use reusable mesh bags to buy my fruit and veggies in.

  2. Use reusable bees wax wrapping to wrap my sandwiches and cover bowls instead of cellophane and single use aluminum .

  3. Get past my OCD and try the whole reusable cotton pads thingy as facial wipes.

  4. Use a bamboo toothbrush.

  5. Buy rice and pasta at the عطار as well as my spices.

  6. Bike or walk instead of taking the car (as much as possible).

  7. Stop using tea bags and making my own loose tea blends.

Well, these are all I could think of right now. Hopefully, along the year I can do more to help our planet survive us. It's sad that I even had to write that last sentence, but denial will do nothing but add to the problem.

So, instead let's focus on the good. Are you on a Zero Waste journey? If so, what are you doing to help our planet? Leave a comment on "Lavender Vibes" Instagram cause who am I kidding, it's way more fun than commenting here!

If you reached this far, leave a 🦑 in the comment of this blog posts' Instagram picture.

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