• Hanaa Fouad

The Most Random Pieces of Wisdom I Learned Thanks To 2018

Credit: Instagram @anxieth

I've had this idea since 2017 when I put a "TODO" cream filled cake in the fridge on a really hot day. I thought I was doing future me a favor but she was sadly disappointed to find a dry, flaky, and unsatisfying treat after she got it out of the fridge.

It was that moment that made me wish someone had imparted this random piece of information on me so I could save my TODO from culinary doom.

Alas, this is how this (I hope) yearly series was born.

So without further ado, here is some of the random crap I learned over the past few years.

There are probably way more than these but I forgot most of them because I didn't follow my first piece of wisdom. (Never again)

  1. Write any important thoughts down...you won't remember them later just because they're important.

  2. Don’t get socks with tiny glitters on them, they itch like a bitch.

  3. Don’t wipe your lips with wet wipes before you finish your drink…you're welcome!

  4. Don’t drive with pastel colored suede shoes.

  5. If you unfreeze a bag of veggies and you don't use them, don’t freeze them again, and just throw them out.

  6. Never trust a fart in public. No matter how much of a silent fart ninja you are.

  7. If you subscribe to a free app trial, go to your phone settings NOW and handle the automatic subscription thingy, your bank account will love you. (literally stop reading this, go and come back)

  8. Don’t wash your spaghetti after boiling, just don't.

  9. If you’re having a bad day, Maple syrup with a spoon is not the answer but it sure makes feeling miserable sweeter. Actually skip the spoon.

  10. Don’t iron dark shirts on their right side up.

  11. Never reheat chicken!

  12. If your Uber driver asks you to cancel the drive because he doesn't want to take your ride, say no! He should cancel it so u don’t get charged for something that’s not your fault.

  13. Drink before you snack, sometimes you’re dehydrated, not hungry.

  14. Put the tomato paste pot you're cooking on the furthest part of the stove away from you. Your clothes will thank me later.

  15. Don't dip biscuits in green tea!

  16. Change your pillows after you get better from a cold/flu.

  17. Don't leave a yoga mat unattended with your cat.

  18. Warm up your bedroom in the winter time so you can wake up for work easier. It really works!!

Some of these don't have an explanation because you have to learn to trust me!

*evil laugh*

Seriously though, it would take just too damn long to explain each one and I know you curious souls out there will want to try out some of these regardless of what I say. All I have to say is remember what curiosity did to the poor cat ^_^

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