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Local Dry Shampoo - Donna Magic Dust

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Just like with all my other reviews, I'll get right into the review and leave my "introduction" at the very end.

Disclaimer: This is the very first post that has a gifted product in it! Donna Natural Beauty sent me this dry shampoo for me to review fully knowing that I'll be saying my non-biased complete honest review. So here we go!

My Hair Type:

I'm adding this here in case you need a reference to what my hair is in case you want to know if this will work with yours or not. From my experience, I believe this can work with any hair texture. You don't need to have fine hair to use dry shampoo.


It has a fine powdery texture that blends really well in your hair and doesn't show at all. They have two kinds of this dry shampoo, one for Dark Hair (pictured above) and one for Light Hair. It feels soft to the touch and you can't feel it on your hair once you rub it in.


This is the very first dry shampoo that I use that's made locally and I must say I was extremely impressed! I used to use the spray form of dry shampoo. I always feared that using one that's powdery would leave build up on my hair after a few hours or would feel cake somehow. None of that happened with this one!


Because the one for dark hair has cacao powder it smells amazing! It has a clean fresh scent as well to it and the chocolatey scent isn't overpowering at all.


I used this when my hair was curly and when it was straight. 

When it was curly it gave me more volume than I expected and dried up my oily scalp which gave me another day of not shampooing my hair (a win in the curly-headed world.)

When it was straight, my hair tends to lay flat on my head by day two of straightening it, and this gave it back some OOMF! 


95 EGP + 35 EGP for shipping = 130EGP

Where to Buy it

You can get this from Donna Natural Beauty on Instagram or facebook. I got mine from Instagram. The delivery is prompt and timely!


  • It doesn't give my hair that thick sticky feeling that other dry hair shampoos give hair after its been in your hair for 24 hours.

  • The bottle has a nozzle that allows for precise application and helps you reach the back of your head easily.

  • Its price is excellent. Especially compared to how expensive imported dry shampoos are, this one is practically a steal.

  • I've been using it for months now (at least 4 times a month) and I've barely made a dent in it! A little goes a long way!

  • It's local so your money is supporting small business in your country and that's always a major plus in my book! #shopsmall


  • Because of the nozzle packaging, some powder tends to get on the outside of the bottle and gets stuck on the label which peels off. Although this doesn't cause any problems to the effectiveness of the product itself, I like it more when my products look new throughout when I'm using it (cause I tend to take care of my stuff.) I know this isn't always possible especially in products that have powder in them and/or are cosmetic based but honestly, that's the only thing I would change about this, just better labels I guess!

  • It comes in a plastic bottle. I understand a glass one would be kind of impractical (seeing as how often you might use this product and it might break quite easily.) But being someone who always wants to decrease my plastic usage, I'd love it if it came in a non plastic container if possible.

How to Use It

  1. I part my hair and apply the nozzle of the bottle to my head and squeeze the bottle. 

  2. I then rub it in my hair while giving my scalp a massage to help give the roots some lift.

Note: If you just shake the bottle the powder won't come out, you have to squeeze it for easier application.

Pheww!!! Now that I'm done with the review (which apparently I attack very surgically) I can talk as much as I want I don't like writing too much of an introduction in my reviews because I for one never read an introduction on review blog posts (unless it grabs it the minute I lay eyes on it.) I just go straight to what I need to know about the product.

I imagine other people do that too so I don't like wasting your time if you're here just for the review and not for the pleasantries (hello there if you are.) 

I really loved this product and I plan on buying it when it runs outs (which I feel won't be for a very long time cause seriously a little bit goes a long way.)

I actually want to try out a few of the brands' other products including their face oils of which I hear great things, so if I do, you can expect a review on it!!

This isn't technically a pro that I can add to the list but I LOVE that this brand is called "Donna" because I love the show "Suits" and if you do too you'll know why ;)

Have a fabulous day or night where you are and thank you if you made it this far <3

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