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How This App Changed The Way I Order Fruit and Veggies

Disclaimer: Just like with everything else I do, I'm writing this "review" with an honest heart. This is not an "AD" or a sponsored post and even if it were, I don't work with companies who don't let me express my full opinion, and that includes the good and the bad. As you'll see here I mention all what I love and what I don't love about the app I"m talking about.

This is one of my lengthier blog posts, but if you stick till the end I promise you'll get a small surprise ^_^

Ever since I got married and moved to 6th of October City I've been missing Maadi in a lot of ways. One way in particular was how everything there was so close to where you lived.

I could literally walk to a grocery store buy what I wanted and come back without feeling like I just finished an intense workout.

However, here, I could walk to the nearest farmer's market and it would take me the better part of a day. So, I was only getting my groceries, especially my fruits and veggies when we had the big grocery buying trip to Carrefour!

One day I found a new place near me and if you live in 6th of October you know that means it's at least 7 kilos away from wherever you live, that sold all kinds of groceries. But, when I came to make an order by phone I ended up forgeting half what I wanted because I couldn't see the grocery list in front of me.

Yeah yeah I know not everyone is like this but I'm the kind that needs to see types of food in order to realize I need them.Or maybe I think I need them because I see them (food for thought? hehe, sorry puns love me!)

Anyhoo...where was I?!

So, I was at a loss until one day at the EntreprenElle event, my close friend showed me this App that sells vegetables and fruit and delivers them right to your doorstep. At that moment, as I was approaching their booth, I swear those heaven gate lights you see in movies almost opened up and shined down on them...I had found my savior!

I posted about this on my stories, so if you follow me on there you already know who I'm talking about!!

The Fakahany Store

This little miracle of an application (and website) is the best thing that has happened to me so far in 2019. But just like with everything in life I don't absolutely love everything about it. Here's a list of the pros and cons of this wonderful grocery-life saver.


It's Super Easy to Use

All you do is download the app (on iOS or android). Choose which language you want it in (English, Arabic). Tell them where you are and just choose from the wide range of fruit and vegetables they have. The best part is the second pro.

You Get to Choose When Your Order Gets Delivered

They have this awesome feature where you can actually schedule your order for the future when you need it. This feature has a con that I'll discuss below.

You can even choose the time slot the suits you best. They also stick to these pretty well!

I Can See What I Want to Order

I for one need to see things in order to know if I want them or not. Before this app I had this note on my phone where I listed all the possible produce I could ask for and I always had to look at it while I would order anything by telephone.

The thing is this app has even more variety than the note I had, plus you can see all the pretty pictures which sorta speaks to your tummy more than words do hehe!

They Have Every Fruit and Vegetable You Can Want (that's in season)

Buying only seasonal fruit is the best way to treat your body with food that nourishes it just the way it needs for the according season we're in. Because all their fruit and vegetable is seasonal, you're always getting something that's fresh.

The sales are currently only in arabic though..hmm

They Constantly Have Sales

Even if something you want to buy is slightly pricier than you're used to, you can wait to see if it goes on sale because they send you notifications when they have a sale!


They Don't Deliver All Days of the Week

Like in the picture shown above you'll see they don't deliver Fridays or Saturdays where I live however in Maadi they deliver Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesday.

I think the days change because the first time I ordered from them It was a Saturday. But again it isn't such a big deal if you're planning your groceries before hand, which this app lets you do!

They deliver in plastic bags

Now, honestly I feel like it's sort of unfair to say it's a con since I know that no one in Egypt right now is probably delivering in canvas bags or recycled bags even. However, it is a con to me because when I buy my own fruit and vegetables I try to use a canvas bag (until I buy the silicon weightless ones).

On the other hand, I'm trying to counteract that by ordering from the app in bulk once a week or so. That way they don't have to get me lots of several small bags on different occasions.

Minimum Order is 75 EGP

I understand this one because they probably won't be delivering orders that cost them more to deliver than the order itself. However it can be kind of limiting.

I don't mind it though as I already don't use it more than once or twice a week to limit my plastic usage so it all works out great in the end. I just had to let you know so you can plan ahead of time!

Random Facts

Now, even if their fruit and vegetables are sometimes 1 or 2 pounds pricier than the market they are still way cheaper than the produce you buy at hyper markets and big grocery stores so it's worth it to be honest. They charge 10 pounds for delivery which I think is pretty reasonable.


Yay, you stayed till the surprise!

Even though I'm not working with these wonderful people they gave me a coupon code for you to use on your FIRST ORDER. It will give you 20% discount and give me 20% off my next order as well. I think they do this with several customers, so you might give you one too when you use the application ;)

The code: 371361

Just add this to your order in the "Coupon Section" and you'll get 20% discount on your first order from Fakahany Store.

I hope this helped you if you're someone who doesn't have regular access to quality fruit and vegetables and I wish you

Happy Shopping ^_^

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