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Guide to New Moon Intention Manifestation Ritual for 2020

Now, I'm writing this on Tuesday 26th of November, the day where a New Moon holds more power than most.

I'll keep this post simple incase you're not that into astrology and don't want to be bombarded with a ton astrology terms.

Why Do We Need a New Moon Ritual?

The lunar cycle is 28 days, it starts with a New Moon on Day 1 and on Day 14 there is a Full Moon. The idea is that whatever you start on a New Moon, you can harvest its results on a Full Moon.

But, What Does That Actually Mean?

I'm not going to go too much detail talking about the energy of the moon and how it impacts us on a daily basis because I feel that's a whole blog post on its own. Just know that if you set an intention, manifest and meditate on certain ideas and dreams that you want to start, it's best to do so on a New Moon, more specifically this New Moon.

Why Is This New Moon Special?

You know how the sun is the center of our galaxy (Milky Way), well there is something called the Galactic Center which is the rotational center of the Milky Way. Jupiter, one of the 8 planets of our solar system is crossing the Galactic Center and is taking center stage!!

This happens once every 12 years!

Why Should We Care?

If you're into astrology and zodiac signs you'll know that every planet rules something. Mercury for instance is the planet of communication, that's why it messes with our relationships and all our technology that we use to communicate goes to hell when she decided to retrograde!

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, vision and expansion. This means, during this new moon, Jupiter will help clear your vision and show you the path ahead of you of what needs to be done for you to live a life of abundance.

This is where you'll need the New Moon "Ritual."

New Moon Ritual Essentials:

  • A candle (preferably white) but any color would do for now.

  • Incense to purify the air or a Smudge Stick or Palo Santo. You can order sustainably harvest Palo Santo from here.

  • Paper

  • Pen

Ritual Steps:

Step 1:

Sit comfortably on the ground. Outside where you can be closer to the New Moon would be best, but indoors is fine as well.

Step 2:

Light the smudge stick or incense of choice and carefully move it around you in an anti-clockwise direction (that's because everything in our galaxy rotates and moves in an anti-clockwise direction) to purify the air and rid it of any negative energy lingering.

Optional: I like to recite a few verses of Quran while I'm doing this. You can say whatever feels right to you. Something along the lines of "I WILL this space to be rid of any and all negative thoughts, vibrations and energy."

(This is a great time to get out your inner Sabrina the Teenage Witch and get creative with your citations, it's your inner intention what matters truly!)

Step 3:

Think of your intentions for 2020. Think clearly of what you want your future to be, what your relationships should feel like. I want you to think as clearly and in as much detail as possible! This is what manifestation looks like. You'll need your paper and pen.

Career: What job do I want? How will I go to work? How do I want my boss to treat me? How do I feel about my co-workers? What does my working space look like, do I have an office of my own? How much money will I make exactly?

Relationship: What do I want my partner to be like? What would they do for a living? What kind of humor would they have? How do they treat me? How much freedom would I have in the relationship? How do I feel when I'm with them?

You get what I mean...do this with all areas that you want to manifest into your dream life. Think of personal goals, body, hair, inner peace, health, travel aspirations, etc.

Step 4:

Write these manifestations down. It's best to do the above step in writing and it helps solidify it in your subconscious and reinforce your belief in your own potential and what you deserve to get in this wonderful life.

Step 5:

Light the candle with all of those wonderful intentions in your heart and know that as you light it on the darkest night of the month (the New Moon) that you're lighting the path for yourself towards everything you ever wanted in this life, because you deserve it all. Now, just look into the flame and say out loud the manifestations you just wrote down. The light of the candle will help carry your intentions into the Universe and let God know exactly what you want so He'll know what to get you.

That's it.

I know it might seem a little...okay, who am I kidding, a LOT of crazy talk, but I whole heartedly believe that God didn't just make the stars, the moon and the planets just so we can look at them and go "Preeettyyyy"

We're made of the same thing as the stars, and that means that most probably we're more affected by our galaxy and what's in it than we like to admit. So, why not use that for our advantage and actually do something that helps future us!


I'm doing my own vision board for 2020 during tonight's New Moon, you're welcome to do the same. It is not a ritual but I think I'll keep on adding to my vision board every New Moon and see my intentions manifest on the Full Moon.

I have so much more I can say about this, so if you have any questions what so ever just DM me here and I'll be more than happy to tell you everything I know.

Send this to someone who loves the Moon and doesn't know that they can use her to help manifest the life they've always dreamt of!

Happy Manifesting🌙

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