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Bubblzz Moisture Lock Herbal Shampoo Review

Bubblzz (Moisture Lock) Herbal Shampoo

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, this is my honest review opinion just as it would be even if it were sponsored ^_^

As a curly girl who's been following the Curly Girl method religiously since 2009 (woah that's 10 years now) I'm always on the hunt for good sulphate and silicone free hair products. Since this is a review, I'm going to cut it short and go straight to the review.


Bubblzz is an Egyptian brand that makes high quality handmade skin and hair care products. This was the first product I try of theirs, and as I gathered it is their best selling one. After I tried it, I realized it was for good reason.

Bubblzz Herbal Shampoo

(Moisture Lock)

Dry and Damaged Hair

Texture: Liquidy

I was surprised honestly with how fluid it was. It's not a bad thing but I was just used to most sulphate free products being more viscous, not sure why. At first it sorta made me think it won't work well.

Effectiveness: Cleans well but doesn't remove product build up

Honestly since going Curly Girl and I've yet to find a shampoo that removed product build up well. Its mostly because the sulphate was what removed build up (along with your natural hair oils that you very much need). But I had no problem with it because I already do a ACV (apple cider vinegar rinse) once a week to remove any buildup and give my hair a fluffy bounce. So I was very satisfied with this products ability to give my hair a clean feel.

Moisturizing effect: Very well

I used this shampoo for a while without a conditioner after it because I had ran out and I was surprised to find my hair not dry at all after using it alone. I loved that it cleaned my hair without stripping it from it's natural oils. It almost felt like I was adding a conditioner to my hair and when rinsing it out I never felt like my hair was dry under water (something that sometimes happens with sulphate and silicone free shampoo).

Smell: Fantastic!

My favorite thing about this product is how it smells! The best part is that it lingers in your hair afterward. I love it, it's kinda fruity and sweet but not in any way over powering. I think they did a fabulous job on the scent.

Lasts: Around 3 Months

Even though the product is really watery you don't need.a lot to wash medium shoulder length hair (which is what I currently have). I wash my hair 3 times a week, again, I'm CG and anymore than that isn't good for my curls. The bottle I used lasted me around 3 months


All their hair care products are made without Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens and are filled with nourishing oils for your hair. It does have Methyl- 4- isothiazolin-3-one which most people assume is a silicone (just because it has -one at the end) but it actually is a common preservative used in products. Don't worry, I had to check it too.

I worry when I don't find the words "Silicone - Free" on hair products. Because some shampoo companies try to trick you ( been there before) by just focusing on "Sulphate Free" and add silicones to your shampoo!! Therefore, I have added shampoo labels to my trust issues list, hehe!

Price: 135 EGP (very reasonably priced for a product that lasts almost 3 months)

Delivery Fees: 35 EGP

Order: Instagram

Find them at: El Kassem Pharamcy at El Hamd Mall, 5th District, New Cairo or any of these places.

Overall Experience:

I love this product, I've already finished it once and repurchased it. I like to change up my shampoo every couple of months but I just had to buy it again. It's so economical to use, it makes your hair smell and feel great and it's locally made which is my second favorite thing about it. If it were made in a non plastic container it would have been the perfect shampoo in my zero waste loving eyes.

You can order yours from their Instagram account like I did and they deliver in a timely manner.

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