• Hanaa Fouad

9 Things You're doing Wrong With Your Makeup (From A Makeup Artist)

So, I'm not really a makeup applying person. Except for a year back in 2009 when I was all about AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07 youtube tutorials, I've never taken major interest in makeup.

However, I do find moments (mainly weddings and engagement parties) where I feel like I want to dress up my face more. These are the times I go to my sister for advice (her being a professional makeup artist and all). Because, mind you I found out I was doing so much wrong shit with how I was applying my makeup.

Because, Lobna is one of the very few (counting on one hand here) makeup artists whom specializes in "natural looking" making, I trust her advice when it comes to these things. So, I gathered up 9 of the my most common mistakes and things Lobna always points out to me, in the hopes of saving someone else's face from any makeup accidents.

1. Applying mascara

Remember that scene in Ocean's 8 where Sandra Bullock was getting ready before the heist and applying mascara. Yeah, do that before you apply your mascara to remove the excess on the tip of the wand. You'll avoid spider looking lashes and you'll end saving on product.

2. Wearing fake lashes

If you're look demands fake lashes, be sure to trim the outer part of the lash. You'll want it to fit the contour of your eye perfectly. If it reaches all the way to you tear duct, it'll make your eyes water and ruin all your makeup. If you're anything like me, we all know how much time it took to apply said makeup.

3. Brow it up

If you want to fill up your brown and make them look God-given, use an eyebrow mascara. Brow pencils and powders are fine if your eyes need a lot of work. But if your eye brows are already in pretty decent shape, an eyebrow mascara is your best bet.

4. Contour like a pro

If a contour palette is out of your budget, have no fear. Lobna suggests buying a concealer that is a few shades darker than your skin tone to contour with instead. However, make sure you pick cool tones shades not orange toned ones. Because, an orange undertone will look less natural, and that's not what we're going for.

5. Foundation match the right way

You know how we always swatch everything on our hands, yeah that doesn't work with foundations. To correctly assess if this foundation with match your face you need to swatch it on your cheek and neck. Your hand is actually usually darker than your face, not ideal for color matching.

6. Applying powder

If a flawless finish on your foundation is what you're going for (I personally don't apply foundation but I know a cakey finish is not something I want) then use an applicator sponge or a beauty blender to apply your powder instead of a brush. At least that's one less brush you'll need to buy and get confused about in the midst of your 2900 other makeup brushes.

7. Finish off with a spray

Best way to make sure your makeup lasts the night is to set it with a fixing or setting spray. I know it's a no brainer, but Lobna was telling me how so many of her clients never knew how much a setting spray is needed till after they saw it's effect on their makeup.

8. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, then Exfoliate some more

Specially if you have a big event to go to, exfoliating before you apply your makeup will do wonders to give you that flawless airbrushed look you want. Also, it wouldn't hurt if you moisturized really well afterwards. A well moisturized face will prolong your makeup.

Yeah, so no you know probably why your makeup isn't turning out all "Instagram Worthy". I hope this helped you in any way, and if you want more makeup advice and hella useful skincare and makeup reviews, here's Lobna's instagram account.

Stay smiling, that's where your real beauty comes out, bare face or not!
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