About Me

I wrote a blog post or two before I was able to write this "About" page. Something about writing about myself proves to be extremely hard, especially when I have to explain to the world who I am in just a few words. 


"Few words" is not my forte. I’m more like ramble on for ages, going on random tangets about movies (I really like talking about movies), before eventually getting to the point (don’t worry, they’re always really good movie tangets). 


I can start with what I am not. I am not boring. I hate routine life. Unless its a ritual type of routine like my self care morning/night routine. Hi, my name is Hanaa, and I can’t really focus on one thing long enough for it to lose it’s thrill.


I’ve currently revolved around the sun a total of 28 times and I’m in love with the moon. The stars, cats, the universe, trees, the night sky, books, horses, the smell of rain, and crisp air on my face are some of what I call "Life Support".


I can’t stay indoors too long or I wither like that outdoor plant you mistook for a shade loving one. I love creating shit with my hands. That’s another thing, I use "Shit" to describe practically anything.


I like to think of myself as an honest human walking the Earth trying to live as authentic of a life as possible. That’s truly what this blog is about.


I wanted a place I can freely express myself. I wanted a space I can use to share my honest blunt un-sugar coated thoughts and opinions, my reviews on things I eat, places I go, books and movies I consume and I wanted to show the inhabitants of the world that you have everything you need to love yourself.


Self-love is my constant struggle and journey. It’s one I want to share with the world, to show others that no one is ever alone. I know the blog’s name is uncommon and kinda weird but I swear it chose me not the other way around (that’s a story for another time). If you think about it, Lavender is and always has been associated with calm soothing thoughts and feelings, and that’s what I want people to feel when they come to my blog. I so want to spread love and authenticity around the world, because I hardly find these anymore. My soul just can't take living in a world like the one we currently have any longer without doing something about it. So I’m choosing to do something about it, and this blog is it!


That’s why I chose my blog’s tagline to be "Breathe in. Breathe out". Because sometimes, we just forget to breathe and breathing makes life better, all the time.

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